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Treacle is widely used in the confectionery industry for production of caramel, fruit jelly, pastille, toffee, and other products. In canning industry, it is used to produce preserves containing whole fruit, jam, and table syrups. Treacle is also necessary for bread baking, and production of wines, non-alcoholic beverages and ice-cream. 

The key properties of treacle include controllable indicators of sweetness and fermentation capacity, moisture-holding and anti-crystallization properties and many others.

In ice-cream production, treacle is used to improve organoleptic properties and quality of ice-cream. Treacle is used to partially replace sucrose and to replenish dry substances, which regulates the capacity of ice-cream to retain its form, hardness, and softness. The freezing and softening points of the product can also be regulated through use of relevant types of treacle. Treacle usage intensifies the relish imparted to ice-cream by food flavoring products, reduces the probability of sucrose crystallization in the process of ice-cream storage, which is especially topical in connection with a tendency towards increasing the ice-cream storage duration up to one year.

In brewing, high-maltose syrup is used for production of high density and alcohol-rich beer. In the case of partial substitution of malt, treacle is utilized as a source of the extract for а balanced composition of fermentable sugars of wort.

It is worth emphasizing that the use of high-maltose syrup improves the quality of bread and slows down its becoming stale and is a multi-purpose substance for improving all bread grades and other broad assortment products.


IndicatorNorm & Characteristics
1Type of treacleCaramel acid
2Outward appearance Caramel acid
3Taste and smellTypical of treacle, without foreign smack and odor
4TransparencyTransparent. Opalescence is possible
5Color: visual assessmentWithin the range from colorless to pale yellow
6Mass fraction of the dry substance, % not less 78
7Acidity, volume of the solution NaOH with concentration of 0.1 n for neutralization of acids and acid salts in 100 g of the dry substance of the treacle from corn and other types of grain starch, cm3, not more 15
8Mass fraction of the reducing substances expressed in terms of the dry substance (glucose equivalent), % 36-44
9Mass fraction of the total ashes expressed in terms of the dry substance, % not more 0,4
10Hydrogen indicator pH4,0 – 6,0
11Content of sulphur dioxide (SO2) mg/kg, not more 40
12Temperature of caramel sample, 0С 145
13 Presence of visible foreign mechanical impurities Is not allowed
14Nutritional value of 100 g of treacle, carbohydrates, g 77,6
Energy value of 100 g of treacle, Cal. 310,4